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It is such a pleasure to have Redsun Raisins on board as our new main sponsor. RedSun Raisins is a privately owned, South African company, established in 2009.  They are processors of high quality raisins which are produced along the banks of the Orange River, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, and are at the forefront of the ambitious, new generation of raisin processors in South Africa.

Raisins are such dense sources of minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium copper, fluoride, and zinc. Copper and manganese are an essential co-factor of antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. 100 g provides 23% daily requirement levels of iron. They contain no cholestrol.

In short, they help with: constipation, cancer prevention, hyper tension by reducing blood pressure, anemea, fever (phenolic Phytonutrients, well known for their germicidal, antibiotic and antioxidant properties, are abundantly present in raisins and can help cure fevers by fighting viral and bacterial infections) eye care, acidosis, sexual dysfunction, bone health and dental care. The amount of fiber in raisins helps to sweep out the toxins and harmful materials in the digestive tract.

There will be plenty of raisins at the race providing riders with heaps of energy so sustain them throughout the adventure, and a ‘Raisin Tasting’ at the Race Village. What a wonderful, healthy way to promote Mountain Biking!

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