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Official Race Rules

Embrace the Challenge


  • The minimum age for riders with elite racing licenses is 18 years of age by the 31st December 2017. If a rider is younger than 18, he/she must apply to enter by sending a short history of races done and their training schedule to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. They automatically fall into the 18 – 23 year age schedule.
  • Riders must be medically fit and well prepared.
  • The race doctor or medical personnel reserve the right to withdraw any rider not deemed capable of continuing.
  • Any medical expenses incurred or evacuation costs will be for the riders’ personal account.
  • Only mountain bikes in good working order will be allowed to start the race.
  • Only riders with official number boards displayed and unobstructed on the front of their bikes will be permitted to start.
  • Riders are responsible for the cost of the maintenance of their bicycles but there will be neutral service available on the route and at the race village.
  • Basic bike repair and bike wash facilities will be provided by the race organizers at the race villages. Costs related to this will be for the riders account.
  • Helmets with ANSI standards are compulsory.
  • There will be no refunds on entries if the event is cancelled due to weather or for the safety of the competitors.
  • It is highly recommended that the supporters do not use the route road. Any supporters who are seen assisting their riders will be disqualified. If anyone visits the spectator points, they must return the same way they got there and must stay off the race route.
  • Riders must complete the entire distance of the race, and the responsibility for following the official route lies with the rider..
  • A rider is not permitted to take any shortcuts or to omit a circuit, or take other advantage of a similar nature against opponents.
  • Any walking,vsqualification.
  • A rider cannot receive any technical assistance along the course from anybody, other than from a official fellow rider in the event.
  • Riders must respect the countryside and ride only on the official route. Riders must avoid polluting the area and not leave any waste or litter.
  • Riders must act in a polite manner at all times, and permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.
  • No glass containers of any kind are permitted on or near the course.
  • Any protest must be submitted in writing to the race director or commissaire within 30 minutes after crossing the line.

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Cancellation Policy

The Event Organisers will attempt to do everything in their power to prevent race cancellation but they reserve the right to do so. In this event, competitors indemnify Trans Augrabies MTB against any liability and claims howsoever incurred. No refunds.

If you decide to cancel your entry before the race - cancellation has to be lodged prior to 31 April 2019 – 50% of all costs paid refundable within 30 days after cancellation.